Prof. Toin van Kuppevelt (use of phage-display derived antibodies for GAG analysis)

Prof. Lena Kjellen (understanding the role of GAGs in stem cell biology

Prof. Nick Shworak (rare epitopes in HS biology)

Prof. Julie Leary (MS analysis of HS)

Prof. Bing Xu (hydrogels for stem cell culture)

Prof. Rein Ulijn (hydrogels for stem cell culture

Dr Marios Stavridis (signalling events in ES cell neural differentiation)

National Collaborations

GlycoMar - Marine Biotechnology

Dr Rachel Oldershaw (differentiation of ES cells to cartilage)

Orla protein technologies

Iduron (glyco reagents)

Local collaborations

Dr Chris Ward

Prof. Tony Day

Prof. Cay Kielty

Prof. Ann Canfield

Prof. Tony Whetton

Dr. Brian Bigger

Prof. Sabine Flitsch

Dr. Simon Webb

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